Where would your favorite TV shows live?

giphy (3)NBC/ Via giphy.com

After a long summer away of internships, beach-bumming, part-time jobs, and eating entirely too much good food (at least for me), us Bruins are finally migrating our way back to UCLA.  For those who are returning, welcome back!  And for those of you who are newbies On The Hill, get ready for an awesome year of walking up hills.  For those of you in the midst of moving in, you may be wondering what type of residence hall you are moving into.  Luckily for you, I am here to give you creative metaphors categorizing the residence halls!  Have you ever wondered what TV show would live in Dykstra, Hedrick, Sproul, and Rieber?  No?  Well I’m going to tell you anyway.

1. Hedrick: Bob’s Burgers
Not only do the Belcher’s live in an apartment attached to a restaurant, but they would definitely make use of the dance rooms that Hedrick Hall has to offer.

FOX/ Via giphy.com
In the past Hedrick’s dining hall has been B-Plate’s test kitchen, De Neve’s temporary home, and this year will act as Rendezvous while it is under renovation.  So obviously, Tina (or Dina?) would identify with a dining hall that is undergoing an identity crisis.

FOX/ Via giphy.com

2. Rieber: Parks and Recreation
With Rieber’s different themed floors, it fits the eclectic types of people found on Parks and Recreation.  Themed floors are home to students who are extremely motivated to immerse themselves in their studies!  Remind you of anyone?

NBC/ Via giphy.com
Now if only there was a floor for waffle eating…

3. Sproul: Friends
Sproul is set in a perfect location On The Hill, and by perfect, I mean right next to all the quick service restaurants.  Friends had Central Perk, Sproul has Bruin Cafe.  So once you have made your group of friends, you can find your own “couch” (which will most likely be a table) for you to spend all your time at.  Also, Sproul has music rooms in their basement, so “Smelly Cat” is definitely a go.

NBC/ Via giphy.com

4. Dykstra: Modern Family
A classic sitcom with a new age twist is the perfect show to live in Dykstra.  Dykstra is the oldest residence hall On The Hill, but recently underwent renovations to make it more hospitable for our residents!  It is also a very social residence hall, so if you live there you are sure to make a makeshift family of your own!

ABC/ Via giphy.com 


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