How to: Laundry On The Hill

how to do laundry

Are you excited to move in On The Hill? We are excited for you too! But we do know that moving into your own place calls for some adjustments that you may not be used to. One of these is doing your own laundry *crying hysterically*. So for those of you who are new to the whole laundry thing, here is a guide on how to do laundry in On The Hill.

1. Find the laundry room in your building. It depends on your building, but some have one laundry room (usually on the first floor), while others have machines on every floor. Check with your RA to find out what type of laundry your residence hall has.

2. DON’T get quarters! The great thing about the residence hall laundry system is that all you need is your bruin card. After your New Student Orientation, you are given a bruin card that you can put money onto for different uses on campus (printing, eating at some restaurants, laundry, etc.). Once you put your clothes into the washer, just swipe your bruin card and the money will automatically be deducted from your account.  PROTIP: If you do need quarters for whatever reason, you can exchange dollar bills for quarters at your front desk!

3. Keep track of when your laundry is supposed to be finished. Especially on Sunday nights, when most people are doing their laundry, residents don’t have the patience to wait for you to retrieve your laundry. If you don’t get your laundry within 10 minutes of it’s finishing time, the next person in line will most likely take your wet laundry out of the washer, put it on top, and stick in their own stuff. While this is NOT proper laundry etiquette, neither is leaving your stuff in for an hour after it’s done because you forgot about it. Either set a timer, or some residence halls even have an app that lets you know when your laundry is done!

4. Don’t sweat it. It’s laundry, not rocket science.

by Laurie Goodman

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