Guide to UCLA Acronyms


UCLA has a lot of acronyms for things pertaining to it. Heck! It’s an acronym itself. So here are some of the most common ones you might hear and what they stand for so you can be in the loop:

1. B Cafe – Bruin Cafe
This is the place to go if you’re craving more coffee house style foods. Think deli sandwiches, salads, or healthy wraps! There’s also a Coffee Bean inside, so they’ve got stacks on stacks of coffee, tea, and lattes! A personal favorite.

2. SAC – Student Activities Center
Not many people know this, but SAC has free printing for students! All you need is your student ID and you’ve got up to 100 pages of free printing a quarter! They are also home to many of the diversity initiatives on campus!

3. JWC – John Wooden Center
Where you can find a variety of workout equipment, sporting facilities, rock walls, and guys in bro tanks.

4. GE’s – General Education Requirements
Otherwise known as the classes that have nothing to do with your major, but you have to take in order to graduate.

5. LS (insert number here) – Life Science (#)
A signifier of a pre-med student and a lack of a social life for that quarter.

6. OTH – On The Hill
The location of all the residential halls and dining halls on UCLA’s campus. It’s also where dreams come true (this may be biased).

7.  UCLA – University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA, home to 25,000 of some of the most devoted, school-spirited, and passionate undergraduates in the country; and ranked amongst the top 2 schools in the nation. GO BRUINS!!!

by Laurie Goodman and Beverly Okhio

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