Ad of the Week: AXE

So, you usually watch AXE commercials, and you think, “Wow. They’re so irrational.” Because let’s face it, whether it be “Score”, “Pulse”, or “Dimension”, girls aren’t going to be jumping onto men in ravenous lust. The creative geniuses of AXE have discovered this truth also. Thus, they’ve come up with:

The new take on AXE — where it becomes about romance — is interesting on many fronts. First, the ending scene in which the two are shown walking hand in hand implies AXE gets you relationships. Perhaps the AXE strategy team has found through research hookup culture has left millenials wanting more. Or perhaps, the commercial is really for moms and girlfriends. The emotional appeal from the romantic short given that previous branding has all been about sex may be appealing to women who might think “Wow, maybe AXE isn’t all that bad.”

Who knows? Only those of you will buy AXE knows. That, or perhaps, there is nothing is to take from the commercial; and its simply a different formula AXE plans to adopt as entertainment. Even so, OTH wants to help you see ads in a different light. This is the last ad post of the quarter, so you’ll see more ad analysis next quarter!

by Jerry Cheung

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