Study Abroad: Europe


Are you looking for a change in scenery from usual UCLA life? Check out OTH’s list of top places to study abroad in Europe!

For Europe, our number one choice would be Barcelona! Enjoy the vibrant culture and daily siestas in this amazing European city. Home to some of the most unique architecture in the world, this is a great place for Art History majors, as well as those who want to perfect their Spanish.  With a mild climate, you don’t have to experience the harsh winters of other European cities.

Honorable mention for Europe goes to Prague! Most people skip over the Czech Republic when looking at study abroad sites, and don’t realize that Prague is an up and coming global European city. The “City of Spires” has a rich and preserved history as well as newer installments (like the Lennon Wall), making it a city you definitely do not want to miss!

We hope this list of study abroad sites helps you get excited for this coming year!  Visit the UCEAP website for more information!

by Laurie Goodman

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