Club Highlight: E3

E3 Leadership

Before the end of Spring Quarter, OTH had the chance to sit down with second year, Kyle Hess, and interview him about his involvement with his club, E3!  Here are the details on UCLA’s largest sustainability themed club!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Kyle Hess and I am a second year student here at UCLA, majoring in Political Science and Geography/ Environmental Studies and minoring in Spanish. I am from San Diego, CA, love the Southern California weather, hiking, biking, surfing, and being outdoors! I became interested in the environment through my experiences in school and growing up learning to do my part to protect everything I love about my city. In the future, I am planning on attending law school and hopefully working as an Environmental Lawyer.

What is your involvement in E3?

I currently serve as Co-Chair of E3, along with Kaela Nye. We run weekly meetings and work to organize and support each of the various campaigns within E3.

What does E3 do?

E3 has a variety of campaigns that it runs, including: Earth Month/ Earth Day Fair, The Farmer’s Markets every there weeks throughout the quarter, Ecochella (our bike powered concert in the spring), Fair Trade Week, E-Waste Campaign, Garden Mentorship (helping local high schools and middle schools in their gardens), and our Fossil Free Campaign. We also go camping each quarter, have other educational events, documentary screenings, and socials.

How did the club get started?

E3 started as a small student organization, where students passionate about sustainability and the environment could come together and work and learn about a greener world. It has grown over the years to become UCLA’s largest sustainability/ environmental student organization.

How did you get involved in E3?

I became involved in E3 when a few friends from my floor in the dorms brought me to a meeting. I instantly loved the organization and all of the people and wanted to get involved. After volunteering at different events, I decided to take on the position of Vice Chair then later Co-Chair for this year!

What has been your favorite campaign that you’ve worked on through E3?

My favorite campaign that I have worked on with E3 is Ecochella. It was amazing working with Rock the Bike from Berkeley, CA, engineering students, student bands, and more to plan such an amazing event. So many people came to the concert and helped bike to power the music! It was fun seeing the planning process and the final product, and how so many people enjoyed the Ecochella team’s hard work!

How can a student join? Can anyone become a part of E3?

Anyone can join! Just come to one of our meetings on Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 PM and join our list serve to keep updated on E3 activities! Location of our meetings is TBA for next year, but all information is updated on our website.

Why would you recommend someone join E3?

I would recommend joining E3 because it is a great community where so many friendships are formed all through our common bond of striving for sustainability! Becoming more involved in E3 is a great way to gain experience and have fun while here at UCLA!

Did you ever live On The Hill? If so, what was your favorite residence hall?

I did live on the hill and Hedrick Hall was my favorite building! I didn’t even mind the walk, because the people that I met there are still to this day some of my closest friends at UCLA. It was a great place to spend my first year here.

What was the most memorable part of living On The Hill?

The most memorable part of living on the hill was the ability to just form so many fantastic friendships so quickly. There are so many people living in the dorms, and constantly meeting new people is a blast! The hill is a great little community!

What is your favorite dining hall?

My favorite dining hall is Bplate! I love the food and the healthy options, and that they serve things that I would cook myself at home!

What has been your favorite random class that you’ve taken at UCLA?

My favorite random class that I have taken was Honors 175 with Professor Katona. The class is Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Practical Approach. It was super interesting, and we had many fantastic guest speakers. My favorite part was when our professor invited us to his home in Brentwood for dinner and to watch the movie “The Battle of Algiers.”

Thank you for sitting with OTH!

by Laurie Goodman

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