How to be Successful at Your Internship


So most of us want to become successful in our respective fields one day, and what are the best ways to do so, you ask? Get a job or an internship, or several! We know some of you already have opportunities lined up over the summer, so OTH came up with a few handy tips to help you be successful at your summer job or internship (or you know, life in general):

1) From my experience, it’s always best to dress for the job! Even interns should dress to impress. No flip-flops please. Also, news flash: most of the “business casual” attire you see on sitcoms are usually NOT real business casual (maybe except Leslie Knope’s pantsuits). Make sure you know your company’s dress code and dress appropriately. I mean, if everyone is wearing jeans, do you really want to wear a suit and tie?

2) Don’t gossip about co-workers. It makes you look nasty and untrustworthy. No one wants negative energy in their place of work.

3) And lastly, don’t be afraid of your boss. They’re literally just a person… A living, breathing human being just like you and I. If you act nervous or weird around them, it probably makes them feel super uncomfortable around you instead, which is not what you want. Befriending them (appropriately, of course) wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

4) Volunteer for work! You are at the company only for a few weeks, maybe at most 3-4 months, so make the best out of it. If you find yourself sitting around, ask other people if you can help out with anything. A positive attitude goes a long way!

OTH wishes you good luck in your summer endeavors!

by Beverly Okhio

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