Tips: Moving Out Edition


As summer approaches, you may be wondering what the most effective way to move out your stuff is! Here are a few moving out pointers to make your lives easier:

1) If you live out of state, start shipping more winter oriented clothes and unused belonging home three weeks before school’s end so you don’t have too much to worry about later. UPS is great for this!
2) Consider donating clothes you haven’t worn in a month. Goodwill also does free pickup for furniture and gives tax returns for clothes donated! Good vibes!
3) Don’t procrastinate! Packing isn’t fun…but it’s more un-fun if you need to pack a year of your life neatly away in 30 minutes. Trust. I know from experience.
4) Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on.
5) Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.
6) Fill the nail holes in your previous home with a bar of soap.
7) Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving.

Happy moving!

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