Guys: What’s the Difference between Biz Pro and Biz Cas?

So for all you males out there, at some point, in your life — whether it be for a wedding or professional networking event — you’re going to be told to dress in either business professional or business casual. Just what is the difference, you wonder?

Business Professional: This is your classic professional look. You have the whole she-bang: blazer, dress shirt, tie, dress pants, belt, and leather shoes. Take a look at the two men on the left and right for a good example. If you want to look dapper, we suggest getting your clothes tailored. The cool, fashionable thing to do right now is the slim sleek look. Also, depending on the strictness of the industry/occasion, you may want to keep with a black suit. Blue and grey suits are cooler though and might even help you stand out from the sea of black suits.


Business Casual: Exactly the same as business professional but without the blazer. Or if it’s cold outside, you wear the blazer and unbutton the top button and take off the tie.

Business Casual

So there you have it. You’re ready to take on the world. Now go get ’em!

by Jerry Cheung

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