5 Things You Didn’t Know About Spring Sing



Spring Sing is a week away! Got your tickets but still not too sure what Spring Sing is all about? Here are some cool facts you can share with your sleep-deprived friends as everyone drowns in midterms and papers.

1. Spring Sing began as a competition between fraternity singing groups serenading sororities in Royce Hall

2. Royce Hall soon became too small after Spring Sing became popular in the 50’s/60’s, so the event was moved to the Hollywood Bowl, where up to 15,000 people attended each year

3. Spring Sing was on hiatus for 8 years in the 70’s, but it was revived by students and alumni and relocated to LATC (Los Angeles Tennis Center)

4. Did you know Maroon 5 was part of Spring Sing? Even more surprisingly, perhaps, is the fact that they did not win. However, another familiar name, Sara Bareilles, won Spring Sing twice in a row in 2002 and 2003

5. You can watch all of UCLA Company’s hilarious UCLA-themed skits and rewatch great musical performances from previous years on Youtube. You’re welcome. We’ve just given you at least an hour’s worth of procrastination and discussion

by Jerry Cheung

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