Cool Ads: Mother’s Day

Here at OTH, we try not to post  ads. Most ads are annoying. They try to get you to buy things that have you have no desire to purchase and your life would probably be 0.5% better  if you didn’t have to see any of them. But occasionally, there are some very good ads out there. These ones do not necessarily rely on strangeness or building brand awareness (but they still do, to a certain extent). No, this video leaves you with a clear reason why you should purchase cards on mother’s day from a card store. Here, watch:

However, at OTH, we are not privy to any particular company. We appreciate the fact that this ad reminds us of the hard work mothers around the world do for their children. But we also recognize that we can make our own cards and send them over to our moms. That being said, the fact that this ad reminds us of mothers will make many people purchase cards from cardstore because they want to support a brand that is supportive of an issue they hold dear to their hearts. What I am left to contemplate though, is this: if you support a certain brand because of its positions on certain issues, does this strengthen the position? After all, these companies have a lot of money. They can support your cause and in return receive more press attention for it as a result. But then it comes down to investment versus total profit. And that’s just a lot of economics and speculation, OTH. Anyways, we hope you’ve enjoyed this ad and hopefully you’re feeling a little bit more lighthearted after it.

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