Blood Moon

For those of you that haven’t been outside in a while, you might not have heard of the blood moon. What is that, you say? Is it the new Twilight? No. It’s a bit less cool than that. There are two times each year that the moon undergoes all three phases in about an hour the moon appears as: penumbral, partial, and total eclipses. Though the names imply these stages are sequential, they aren’t. So when all of these stages actually appear in order, it’s a pretty big deal cause that’s cool. April 15th was a tetrad. Anyways, it’s no use talking about the past if you’ve missed it already. That, or you’ve already seen it and decided to come here to learn more about the Blood Moon from us. To which I would ask: why? Just kidding. We get our information from credible sources such as NASA and… cough Wikipedia. Anyways, here’s a video that actually shows the moon transitioning from phase to phase. Take a look:

Until October 8th 2014 for the next one, kids.

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