Interview with a UCLA Squirrel


Here at iMedia, we sat down for an interview with one of UCLA’s main squirrels. He wanted to remain anonymous, but you’ve probably seen him jumping in and out of various trash cans on the hill and terrifying the masses. Check it out below. 

Beverly: So tell me a little about yourself.

Squirrel: I’m pretty local. Hobbies include reaching havoc on the lives of freshman, eating out of garbage cans, and sneak attacks.

Beverly: So what makes you tick?

Squirrel: Well, I literally have ticks. So…I’d have to say ticks.

Beverly: Favorite artist you’re listening to right now?

Squirrel: Miley Cyrus…is ratchet. No, I don’t have a favorite artist right now.

Beverly: So what is your crowd like?

Squirrel: I hangout with the rebel rousers of the pack. We like to stay out late, munch on leftover Rende, and not give two nuts about anything.

Beverly: Alright. It’s been great meeting you.

Squirrel: Peace (drops mic)

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