National High Five Day!

Attention Bruins. You have a mission. On April 17th, you will high five. You will go down Bruinwalk and you will high five people in the most elaborate way possible. You will wow the other mere mortals who won’t have nearly as many high fives as you do. Why? Because you hate cancer.

By simply high fiving people, you will be able to fundraise as much as $55 for cancer research (you can fundraise more, of course). This is the equivalent of running a marathon for cancer research, except you are probably less fit and decide to high five people instead. But that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts. You bring enthusiasm and high fives and even low fives when no one is looking. So get out there and fundraise, it’s not too late. And when you’re done doing that, high five to both your and everyone else’s content tomorrow, on April 17th.

Register here to start fundraising for cancer research now:


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