National Siblings Day

national sibling day

Did you know April 10th is National Siblings Day? Yes, it’s the one day a year we get to celebrate the bond we share with the people that both share half our DNA and annoy us beyond words. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should call your sibling today:

  1. Remind them about that thing of yours they “borrowed” and how you haven’t forgot about it and that you want it back.
  2. Brag about the amazing dining hall foods you get and how they are superior to whatever sad thing your sibling has to eat.
  3. Convince them to visit you so they can drive you around LA for free.
  4. You can threaten to post that really embarrassing photo of them from middle school if they don’t bring you that “borrowed” item of yours.
  5. Because even though they can be annoying and irritating, and even if you pretend that you don’t know them most of the time, you love them, and you know most likely they want to talk to you too.

Happy National Siblings Day! Or if you don’t have a sibling, you have an excuse to treat yourself today!

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