Interview: Allyson Bach


Allyson Bach is a student who goes to UCLA and makes the best out of everyday! A very involved member of AAC and Vietnamese Culture Night, she’s making here mark here on campus. Check out he interview On The Hill did with her on February 12!

Beverly: Why did you choose to come to UCLA? What year and major are you?
Allyson: Hi I’m Allyson Bach and I’m a Political Science major with urban planning minor just declared it yesterday. I’m a third year and my intention for picking out a minor was that I didn’t want to grad early.

Beverly: What extracurricular activities are you involved with? (I heard you are involved with a sorority).
Allyson: I rushed when I was a freshman. Kappa Delta was the first thing I joined. It was the jumpstart to everything I got involved in at UCLA. It helped me gain mentors and led to me getting an internship at Justice Core. We work at the LA Downtown Courthouse for people who can’t afford lawyers.

Beverly: I noticed an AAC (Academic Affairs Commission) picture. Are you very involved in AAC? If so, why did you stay involved in AAC and why are you so passionate about it?
Allyson: The only office of USAC I’ve worked in is AAC. I’m the director of academic appointments. It’s kind of like the behind the scenes of the student government. I joined at the end of my freshman year spring quarter.

Beverly: Favorite event that you’ve helped put on and why?
Allyson: Stress Less Day. We do it twice a quarter. We set out a table and hand out free blue books, scantrons, pencils, and play music. Usually another organization will be involved and it’s just a tangible way for USAC to help out. It takes place on Bruinwalk.

Beverly: How can a student interested in AAC join?
Allyson: We take applications end of spring. There will be an application on Facebook. You can pick the staff part or the appointments part, which is what I’m in charge of this year. There are like 20 different committies that you can apply for. It’s a great way to network with faculty. Out Facebook is USAC UCLA Academic Affairs Commission and links to the website should be on there.

Beverly: Do you have time to be involved in other on campus organizations or do other activities? If so, what are they and which do you enjoy most?
Allyson: My favorite this year is Vietnamese Culture Night. I hadn’t gotten into the culture experience at UCLA but I tried out for the drama part that takes place in Royce Hall. It’s stuff like this, meeting completely different people but who share the same identity as me that’s really cool.

Beverly: Did you ever live on the hill, and if so where? What was your favorite dining hall?
Allyon: I lived in Reiber Hall in a triple and I really liked it because I’m really extroverted so it’s nice to be around other people. My favorite dining hall has to be Covel because its not as crowded as De Neve and because my roommate and I had class at the same time and would always go to breakfast before class everyday.

Beverly: Do you have a favorite band you’re listening to right now?
Allyson: It wouldn’t be a band. I’m listening to Frank Ocean right now. Last night I just turned off all the lights and listened to Channel Orange in order because I was so stressed and I felt so much better.

Beverly: Who is your celebrity crush?
Allyson: I don’t really but maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ve always had a crush on him.

Interview by Beverly Okhio

This interview is part of On The Hill’s effort to highlight different student members of the UCLA community. 

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