Top 5 Things that Students Lose

Can you believe that we are more than halfway through the year? Time passes by so quickly when you’re having midterms fun. We don’t know about you, but we have lost our fair share of things throughout the year. So we decided to compile a list for you to enjoy (or cry over as you remember that precious $23.50 spent on a new Bruincard).

Have you lost any of these?

Have you lost any of these?

1. BruinCards

Stop losing those! They cost $23.50 to replace. In case you lose it and need a meal, stop by the front desk for meal tickets. You can also go to the BruinCard website to suspend your card and protect the balance if you lose your BruinCard.

2. Room keys

We know that you get 5 in total, but remember, the next time you’re down at Sproul front desk in nothing but a towel with no key replacements left, you’ll regret it. (Just kidding, they can charge your Bruinbill for it, but still, isn’t that a good deterrent to keep your room key safely?)

3. Perfectly Conditioned iPhones

Stop dropping ’em. Stop cracking ’em. Get a case that covers both sides of your phone so when the new iPhone comes out, you can still sell your old one. And also, to save hundreds of dollars buying a new smartphone when you really don’t need one.

4. Homework

No. Your dog did not eat your homework. Stop having too much fun on Thursdays. Do your work!

5.  Your (social) lives during finals week

Study more often, so you can be “that person” during finals week who just sips water instead of a caffeinated beverage, while happily watching cat videos on Youtube. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Share us your stories! What are some of the things you have lost during your time here at UCLA? 

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