7 (More) Things You Can Do Over Winter Break

It’s the last week of Winter Break! Are you running out of things to do? Fret not, we compiled a list of things you can do before you realize that break is over and school starts again!

1) Spend a day with you family and actually talk to them! That’s an idea.

2) Journal! Winter break is a great time to clear your thoughts and plan for the upcoming quarter.

3) Take a ski trip. We live in California! The mountains are only a few hours away.

4) Exercise. Take this time, when you actually have time, to get into shape. We know this is an unconventional idea, considering it’s the holidays, but just do it!

5) Play video games. Do it.

6) Sleep. Need I say more?

7) Practice your instrument of choice! You know that guitar or keyboard that’s been sitting in the corner of your room since you got it for Christmas in fifth grade? Yeah, that one.

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