Your Roadtripping Guide for this Winter Break

So you’re roadtripping this winter break with a couple of friends, but you plan on coming out of it alive. OTH understands. We went into our road trip together unprepared; and fought off zombies, demons, and starvation. So here are some roadtripping essentials we thought we’d share with you to enhance your experience:


1. is your best friend. This website comes equipped with all types of attractions, restaurants, shopping and sports events you may want to stop by on your trip. That way, you can stop by any local attractions — like, say a monument or really really bomb chicken wings — and still get to your destination on time. It is a one-stop planning tool for those who are new to roadtripping, or even for seasoned veterans who just want less hassle!

2. Toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, towels, and a camera – aka the essentials. It is essential that you get a camera to capture your experiences. Roadtripping is one of the most fun things you can do as a college student; when you’re an adult with obligations you won’t have time to do something like that. Treasure the memories that you have with your friends, so do invest in a decent camera (or maybe a disposable one for a filtered, Instagrammed feel) to capture the fun moments of your trip.

3. A best friend. These things are really only fun when you’re with someone you can be yourself fully unfiltered.

So there you have it. These are your roadtripping essentials. On The Hill wishes you a great break ahead!

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