Transportation from UCLA to LAX

Trying to get to the airport for Winter Break? We have a few options that you can consider! Check it out:


It can be difficult to figure out how to get to the airport. We have saved you some of the hassle in finding transportation options and compiled a few great (and affordable!) ways for you to get from Westwood to LAX!

1. Super Shuttle 

WHAT: This is an on demand service that sometimes comes late. Plan ahead  and anticipate the fact that they are going to pick up other passengers besides you.

PRICE: UCLA students are automatically eligible for a discount using the code “4Y4GQ”.

LOGISTICS:  Simply reserve via internet or phone for pickup.

PICKUP LOCATIONS: Various locations on the hill (De Neve, Rieber, Hedrick)

2. FlyAway 

WHAT: FlyAway is a bus service to and from LAX. Make sure to keep in mind the line will be long and the fact that buses come by the hour.

PRICE: $10 one way to LAX (credit or debit only, purchase at the bus or online)

LOGISTICS: Get on at Kinross Avenue, two blocks north of Wilshire, between Veteran and Gayley.

3. Carpooling

WHAT: Make sure other people know who you’re going with and when you expect to arrive at home, just in case.

PRICE: Depends on your friend.

LOGISTICS: Find either a friend going towards LAX or carpool all the way back to where you live. You can also join Facebook groups within UCLA, like UCLA Ride Share to see if any of your peers is driving to the airport.

4. Lyft/Uber/Flywheel (Low-Cost Taxi Services)

WHAT: Watch out for traffic. Though affordable, it is ultimately a taxi service. Remember to factor in the amount of time spent taking you to your destination.

PRICE: Fares are based on the time, distance and generosity. Watch out for surge pricing!

LOGISTICS: They will pick you up wherever you like. You can typically request them using an app on your smartphone.

This post was updated on June 4, 2015 to reflect updated information. 


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