Club Highlight: Coaching Corps

We invited Colton from Coaching Corps to introduce us to what his organization about and how one might be able to join the club. He gladly accepted and came out to speak with us at our office.

On The Hill: So for those of us unfamiliar with Coaching Corps, could you give us some insight into the organization?
Colton: Coaching Corps is a nonprofit organization that works mostly on college campuses across California but is now expanding nationally. CC supplies volunteer coaches to low income after school programs which can’t really hire extra help, so basically we help train and place coaches in organizations such as the YMCA.

How did Coaching Corps begin as an organization on campus?
I’m actually the second president for the UCLA chapter. Cameron was the first president and he had an internship – 3 years ago now – that Coaching Corps was providing. Cameron was going out there into the city and helping where he got recruited to start a chapter on campus spring 2012. As for myself, I was looking for ways to volunteer on the UCLA Volunteer Center website, contacted them and jumped on board to the leadership team via vice presidency, and this year I took over as president.

Colton Alexio from Coaching Corps

Colton Alexio from Coaching Corps

What’s a typical Coaching Corps meeting like?
We like to call our meetings “coaches’ huddles”. We go over things going on such as events on campus, fundraising events. The other half of the meeting will be geared towards a coaching lesson, such as a module on behavioral management and dealing with a site supervisor, anything that helps to improve coaching. They usually last about 45mins to an hour, and we have a meeting once a month.

What kind of fundraising have you all done in the past?
Last year, we did a college sports day where we took a few kids from one of our sites in LA and gave them a tour of the sports facilities on campus. We gave them a tour of Pauley, the Hall of Fame, and Drake Stadium, etc. After that was done, we put together a student panel of athletes (walk on football player, a member of the dance team, a tennis player on scholarship, and staff on the athletic department) to give them the options to get excited about. As for future fundraisers, we have something in the works. We want to put up a dodgeball tournament and get a spot in Pauley, where half of the proceeds ($15 buy-in) go to the winner, and the other half will go to gift cards, transportation, and funds for further fundraising events.

What do you recommend to people who want to get involved? has an application, where you fill out your athletic preferences, and depending on your site and time commitment, we’ll decide where to place you. We accept applications throughout the quarter and we accept everybody. You just have to have a passion for working with kids and some knowledge about the sport you’re coaching. We offer training even for sports you’re not familiar with. You can contact us at if you have any questions.

Interview by Jerry Cheung

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