Spending Thanksgiving… Alone…On Campus

Now, you’re going to be alone on campus this Thanksgiving. Don’t dread it. Don’t panic. Don’t get envious. Those other kids are going home to roasted turkeys and hot mashed potatoes while you slurp away at your 3 minute ramen. This is, at least, what you expected right? We’ve got you though. We’ve gone ahead and found the list (https://www.orl.ucla.edu/file/1528a976e198be.pdf) ORL has compiled that contains information about restaurants in Westwood that are open during the holidays. Check it out to find out where you can dine this break. Who knows, you might meet another fellow Bruin spending Thanksgiving on campus.

If you are not up for Westwood, there is going to be one event hosted by ORL:

Dashew’s Thanksgiving Dinner, Wednesday, November 27, 6-8pm, Bradley 300 – please RSVP

If you would not like to go to this, here are some things you can do:

1. Work on that resume. You might as well be going on your way to making dough while others sit around eating turkey. Those long hours spent alone could become really productive.

2. Get started on that one TV show all of your friends have been telling you to get started on. Thanksgiving break can be passed with just five seasons of Breaking Bad!

3. Catch up on sleep. Finals week is soon; and deity knows you won’t be studying for them during the break.

4. Just kidding. Please study. Humans function on sleep.

So there you go, choose two and enjoy yourself!

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