Daylight Savings

Now that all the Halloween excitement is over, time to get back to studying. BUT! There’s still one thing you can look forward to: an extra hour on Sunday. Daylight Savings ends on Sunday 11/3 at 2am.

5 ways to spend that extra hour

5 ways to spend that extra hour

Need ideas? Well…you’ve come to the right place. We have a few suggestions for you.

1. Get an extra hour of sleep…

With midterms, papers and Halloween all crammed in one week, you are probably in dire need of rest. Treasure the extra hour of sleep. You probably need it.

2. …Or maybe do that paper you have been putting off for days.

UCLA libraries are pretty awesome. Many of them open until late, even on Sundays. Night Powell stays open until 2am on Sunday night.

3. Start your exercise plan.

Week 5 has practically ended. Half a quarter has gone by. It is time to finally get on that fitness plan you enthusiastically came up with during zero week.

4. Have some late night snacks with your roommates

Did you know students with regular meal plans are allowed to swipe multiple times at De Neve Late Night? Get rid of your extra swipes of the week and bond over buffalo wings with your roommates.

5. Enjoy one of these awesome events around the Hill!

Check out our page below for upcoming events on the Hill:

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