What is this Page?

I’m going to guess you’re a persistent reader. There’s a huge paragraph of text in this post, and there aren’t any amusing memes waiting for you at the end. So before you close this tab and go back to scrolling through the exact same things your newsfeed was 2 minutes ago, I’m going to try to answer the most pressing current question in your mind: To what utility does this website provide my precious browsing time? Well, as members of the 21st generation, we understand your sentiments about “informative” websites and educational shmuck. Just like yourselves, about 95% of our time on the internet is also dedicated to funny vines, cute cats, and stalking hot guys/girls we met in class.

As our website does not fall under any of these 3 categories, this means we need to fight hard for the remaining 5% of your attention. And seeing as you all are UCLA students, we aim to bring you content relevant to your student residential life. We’re gonna to keep things lighthearted and provide you with cool stuff that actually matters: like our opinions of certain events on the hill,  infographics to hack your life to awesomeness, and profiles on students doing cool things (ie. we have an interview with 2013 SpringSing Winners The Street Hearts coming up). Stay tuned, and feel free to email us at socialmediaorl@gmail.com with things you want to see, as we provide you with a variety of interesting content!

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